Jan VERHAS(Termonde1834 - Schaarbeek1896)


Painter of genre scenes, portraits, landscapes and animals.
A pupil of his father, Emmanuel Verhas and of Nicaise de Keyser at the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts. Around 1860 Verhas spent some time in Paris. He visited Italy in 1862 and returned to settle in Antwerp. In 1863 he achieved great success with his painting "The Battle of Kalloo". From 1863 to 1867 he lived in Binche and from 1867 onwards in Brussels, where he specialised in portraits, mainly of children. Verhas was awarded a Gold Medal in Paris in 1889. After the somewhat academic beginnings to his career, Verhas took up romantic painting (1854-1867) and was then attracted to the theme of children (1868-1879). His palette became clearer and his colours more and more refined. Between 1882 and 1896 he specialised in views of the beach at Heist.
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