OOMS Karel


Oil on panel: 26.5 x 36.5 cm / 10.4 x 14.4 ins
Signed and dated '1895' lower right

Painter of portraits and oriental, historic and religious subjects.

Karel Ooms studied at the School of Fine Arts in Antwerp, then under Nicaise De Keyser. He was second in the Prix de Rome of 1871. He travelled to Holland, Germany and Italy, then to the Orient (the Nile and the river Jordan), from which he brought back numerous studies.

Ernest de Taeye wrote of him: “His compositions are correct, well painted and the drawing is perfect; they flatter the eyes and charm the senses. They are, like the learned pages of Bouguereau, easy and clear to understand. His art is flattering, precise and accurate. His painting does not suggest improvisation but it is attractive and harmonious… Moreover, if his many portraits, all of which are skilfully done, are appreciated by the majority of the public, it is because he knows how to flatter them even though he analyses them very closely. Their complexion appears fresh and flawless. The softness of the flesh leaves nothing to be desired, whereas the sparkle in the eyes, the delicacy of the limbs, the accuracy of the whole and the search for the appealing colours, enhanced by the precision of a mathematical concept, most appropriately complete the value of his work.”

Desschel 1845 - Cannes 1900
Belgian School

Antwerp - Brussels

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