STRYDONCK Guillaume (Van)


Oil on canvas: 86 x 38.5 cm / 33.9 x 15.2 ins
Signed, situated & dated 'Chatiapur 96 29-2' lower left, 'India 96' middle right

Painter of landscapes, portraits, genre scenes and historical subjects; painter of pastels.

Guillaume Van Strydonck was a pupil of Jean-Léon Gérôme in Paris. He travelled to Britain, Holland, Italy, India and Florida. He was an honorary professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels under the direction of Jean-François Portaels. He was awarded the Godecharle Prize in 1884.

This particular painting is reproduced in “The Burlington Magazine”, Vol. 146, N°1212 (March 2004) on page 164 (Jane Block, “Guillaume Van Strydonck, a Belgian painter in India (1891-96)”).

Namsos (Norway) 1861 - St Gilles (Brussels) 1937
Belgian School

Bruges - Brussels - Tournai

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