VERWEE Alfred Jacques


Oil on canvas: 61 x 50 cm / 24 x 19.7 in
Signed lower left

Painter of animals and landscapes; etcher.

Alfred Jacques Verwee was the pupil of his father Louis-Perre Verwée in Courtrai and also of Eugène Verboeckhoven. He made his début in 1860. He lived in London and Paris and visited Italy and Holland.

Essentially Flemish in the great lineage of true painters, he knew the secret of strong colours and briljant blends of full light; no-one put the cattle of Flanders more naturally into its setting. Verwee is the painter of magnificent horizons and lush pastures. Where the treatment of colour and light is concerned, Verwee is masterly. No artist better expressed the admirable play of sunlight in Flanders and the rich beauty of wide Flemish horizons flooded with light.

Verwee was a founder member of the ‘Société Libre des Beaux-Arts’ and of ‘La Chrysalide’. He participated at the Paris Salon in 1877.

Saint-Joost-ten-Noode (Brussels) 1838 - Schaerbeek (Brussels) 1895
Belgian School

Antwerp - Brussels - Ghent - Liège - Tournai - Verviers

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