Oil on canvas: 115 x 90 cm / 45.3 x 35.4 in
Signed upper right

Painter of still lifes, compositions with flowers, figures, nudes, studies of heads, landscapes, seascapes, views of harbors and fishing; watercolorist and pastelist.

Edmond De Maertelaere studied at the Academy of Ghent, where he became a professor. He was also a pupil of the French painter Jean-Paul Laurens. He made many trips to England, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

In the press: “The painter makes his colors sound like clocks” and “Edmond De Maertelaere’s works are close to the matter. He recreates this matter with such genius, so much technical virtuosity and colors that it acquires an exceptional grandeur and gives the viewer the impression of enormous power. ‘

Ghent 1876 - 1938
Belgian School

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