BUGATTI “TYPE 35” 1924

Chinese ink, watercolour and gouache on paper: 36.5 x 61.5 cm / 14.4 x 24.2 ins
Signed lower left

Advertisement illustrator of cars.

Born in Rouen in 1920, Pierre Dumont entered the Academy of Fine Arts of his birthplace in 1936. From 1941, during the occupation and the propaganda war, he tried his luck in Paris in the advertisement of cars. In 1946, he was recruited for the “Revue Technique Automobile” (RTA) as head of the drawing department.

His graphic works were regularly published in different car publications, especially in “L’Automobile”, in several publicities for magazines and in publicity catalogues (Citroën, Rosengart, Panhard, but also Radiomatic and the carburator firm Weber). In 1968 he was the founder and the first president of the Citroën Club of France. In 1969, Pierre Dumont joined the editorial staff of “Fanatique de l’Automobile”, created by Serge Pozzoli. He made the cover for the first monthly magazine. During the 80’s, he got a regular column in “La Vie de l’Auto”. One of his last designs was about sports cars.

Car enthusiasts all over the world recognize Pierre Dumont’s signature style. He was the author of notably “Au Temps des Automobilistes” (1965), “Bugatti; Les Pur-Sang de Molsheim” (1975),  “Peugeot, sous le signe du Lion” (1976) and “Citroën; Quai De Javel, Quai André Citroën” (1973).

Rouen 1920 - The Vendée 1987
French School

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